September 20-27, 1998

As technology has advanced and communication systems have grown, humankind has become increasingly aware of our participation in a global community.  This modern transition forces each of us to answer questions about the placement of human beings and the ultimate meaning of the experience of life.

Many First Nations and American Indians, and Chinese Elders believe that the answers to these questions can be found in the knowledge which has existed for thousands of years, and is at the core of traditional indigenous peoples’ beliefs and practices.  These Elders believe that there are no new teachings, only the Original Teachings as practiced by indigenous peoples.

Is there an unchanging, timeless core of knowledge as these Elders suggest?

Ancient Ways of Knowing, a non-profit foundation based in Colorado Springs, CO, worked with the Chinese Friendship Association with Foreign Countries to bring together seven Chinese Masters of the Healing Arts and fourteen Elders and healers from eleven First Nations and Native American tribes to share traditional philosophies, healing arts, and ceremonial rituals each culture uses to enhance spiritual and physical well being. 

Chinese presenters included Professor Zhongpen Lin, Director of the Chinese Qigong Academy; Master Wei Chen, Consular of the Chinese Qigong Research Committee; Master Sanru Guo, a physics professor and Qigong Master;  Master Yu-Fan Zhu, I-Ching Master; Dr. Lily Yong, an herbalist and pediatrician; Master Quanxin He, renowned Chinese healer using language and energy; Dr. Zhen Gao Yao, Director of the Center of Elder Sports and Medicine and the Center of Qigong Rehabilitation of Hunan Province; Dr. Jennifer Liu, pathologist and acupuncturist.

First Nations and American Indian presenters included Cindy Smith-Mala, Dakota, Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Committee; Paul Ortega, Mescalero Apache, traditional medicine man and Indian artist; Jane Day Chief, Blackfoot Confederacy of the Blood Tribe, a medicine woman and spiritual leader of the sacred Buffalo Women’s Society; Daniel Freeland, Navajo, uses healing approaches as a means of prevention and intervention in developing healthy communities; Sequoyah Trueblood, Oklahoma Choctaw, serves people through ritual and ceremony and his knowledge of plant medicine; Lois Frank, Blackfoot, professor of Native Studies at University of Lethbridge, Canada; Bessa Blondin, Dene, traditional medicine woman  from Yellowknife; Don Coyhis, Mohegan, President of White Bison; and Dr. Dan Foster, Southern Cheyenne, Psychologist with Indian Health Services. 

  From all direction, the people-red, yellow, black and white-will unite and create a tribe of spiritual warriors who will help in the healing of Mother Earth and her Peoples.
    Rainbow Warrior Prophesy

  When Yin is even and Yang is firm, a relative equilibrium is maintained and health is guaranteed.         
    Treatise on the Communication of Vitality with Heaven

Group Photo

Indigenous Approaches to Healing
April 10-18, 1999

The second in a series of conferences hosted by Freita F. Keluche, Ph. D., and sponsored by Ancient Ways of Knowing Foundation, to nurture and advance the understanding and communication between indigenous cultures.  This conference brought together for the first time American Indian, Master Chinese and African healers to share the healing methods each culture has used for centuries. 

Special presenters included Dr. Fu-Kiau, considered the “father” of Bantu-Congo modern school of thought; Jane Day Chief and other Elders from the Blackfoot Confederacy, representing the sacred Buffalo Women’s Society of the Blood tribe; Master Quanxin He, who studied at the Feng Buddhist Temple and uses universal energy combined with an ancient maternal language to heal; and Joseph Toledo, Jemez Pueblo, a traditional medicine man.


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